AREX Industrial fans

The AREX range of fans comprises centrifugal, roof-top and axial flow fans designed for handling air or gases that are corrosive or dust-laden. The fans are made of materials such as PVC, PP, PE, PVDF and GRP. The material used for a given application depends on factors such as resistance to chemicals, heat resistance and strength. A full range of accessories is available for all fans, which enables us to offer a comprehensive fan system.

AREX fans are available as standard:

- with connection from 125 mm up to and including 1120 mm diameterwith - three types of fan impellers:

  • T impeller with straight, radial blades
  • B impeller with backward-curved blades
  • P impeller with straight, backward-sloping blades

- in low-pressure, medium-pressure and high-pressure versions.
- for flow rates up to 100.000 m3/h and pressure rises up to 6.000 Pa.